When does your club meet?

Every Monday from 3:30pm until 6:00pm. We meet in the Alcove. This is across from the ID room and previous game room in the AD building.


What is a typical day for you?

    A typical club meeting starts a little after or before 3:30, as some people arrive a bit later due to class scheduling. We begin with the president welcoming us back and then discussing what is going on. This is where we discuss things like fundraisers and who is going to do what. Basically anything important that needs mentioning will be mentioned in the beginning. Then the secretary will review notes from last meeting and say what we did. This is mostly for those who missed the previous meeting, but it's also a refresher after the long week.

    After we get business out of the way we put in an anime and just enjoy. Some play games, draw, or just anything really during this time. Well, so long as it's not disrupting those watching. Overall, it's a very laid back friendly group of people. We take things seriously when we're supposed to and enjoy ourselves while making new friends.

    Around 5:30-6:00 people begin to leave, and 6:00pm is when the club lets out to those who stay the full length.


How do you decide what anime to watch?

We used to decide by everyone bringing in things and having a vote. However, recently, this has been changed. We now go down a list by last name. Every person gets a week, and they get to choose what is watched. This way everyone gets a chance, and we get to see a larger variety of anime.


Can we join for free?

The first few weeks anyone is allowed to visit our club meetings for free. However around the mark of the first month it is required to pay a one time fee of five dollars.


What is NOPAC?

NOPAC, or Network of Pennsylvannia Anime Clubs, is a way to link all the anime clubs together in the state of Pennsylvannia. It's a non-profit organization that brings everyone together, without interfering with each club's individual rules and functions. Our first planned meeting was OTAKON '10. All serious anime clubs are welcome to join, and we encourage it. We hope to see it take off, prosper, and grow.