07/31/2010 14:25

    This is the new and, vastly, improved Lehigh Carbon Community College Anime Club website. I have been looking all summer for a decent replacement, and this is it. It offers many more feature than the orginal or the flash one. This will allow the site to have a type of archived system. All things done will be pushed down and if someone visits wondering what we did last month, they should be able to see it. Same goes for news. It will be much more easy to view past events and news now as well.

    In other news, our first semester is going to be starting soon at LCCC. That means our first club meeting. The club has moved. We are to meet in BH (Berrier Hall) in the gym! The times and dates, as to my knowledge, remain the same as the previous year.

    This coming semester we are having our elections, so prepare for that! I'll be updating as we go, or someone else will be if the job is passed on. I want everything to look nice and easy if this does happen. I will provide passwords to our email, site, and other things. Make sure you're willing to update after every club session. Make sure you know you can handle it before opting in for any type of position.